Board of Trustees The Council

Board of Trustees of the international University Institution SILKWAY – is a body that is a form of collective management of an educational organization, created in order to promote the development of the University , taking into account the requirements of society, the state, and the labor market.

Tasks Board of Trustees The Council:

- assistance in the formation of development strategies and programs
- Assistance in the development of research and innovation activities, formation of fundamental and applied scientific developments, development of integration of educational and scientific processes at the University;
- assistance in the formation and development of international, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation A University that requires professional development and expert consulting activities to be addressed;
- assistance in employment of graduates University in cooperation with Alumni Association;
- assistance in raising funds for the implementation of development programs
- Promotion of the University's brand in the national and international educational space.


Deputy Head of the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan
President of SILKWAY International University
Chairman of the Board of the Association of Small and Medium-sized Businesses " El Tiregi»

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