International Expert Council

The main goal of the International Council of ITMO University, established in 2018 – is to help develop a strategy to strengthen the reputation of Silkway International University in the international educational environment.

The main focus of the Council is on the correct positioning of SWAY in the international education market and its integration into the international educational context.


Main challenges of international Cooperation expert opinion the Council:

  • Assistance in development effective strategies International Of the University Silkway and international promotions;

  • consulting services on development strategic ones initiatives and operating rooms events for efficient use international promotions;

  • assistance in selecting global settings and regional offices strategic ones partners and conclusion partner services agreements and contracts;

  • attraction leading specialists international level, including number of invited guests professors, scientific workers and teachers;

  • consulting services on strengthening competitive services the positions of University in international organizations and national standards ratings.

Директор Международного учебного бюро по сотрудничеству в университете Шахида Бехешти
Руководитель международного офиса Университета Барселоны
Директор Исследовательского центра гуманитарной помощи
Президент «Шанхайского политехнического университета»
Генеральный директор Германского аккредитационного агентства
Экс - ректор университета Авейро PhD

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