After the collapse of the USSR, when elements of a market economy began to appear in the post-Soviet space, a new type of higher education institutions – non-state educational institutions-began to be created in the field of education. In Kazakhstan, the idea of functioning of modern, privately owned universities, which is generally accepted in the world practice, has been applied. South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University (SCPU) is one of the first non — state universities in Kazakhstan (license 00002). The biography of the university begins with the formation of the pedagogical college in 1992. Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. The Institute of Oriental Studies was established on the basis of the college.With the beginning of the new millennium, Kazakhstan began to gradually get back on its feet. The stable domestic socio-political situation stimulated the country's economic growth. It is known that education is a key factor in the rise of the intellectual potential and the economy of the country. Our university also improved. It grew and in connection with the expansion, in 2000, changing its status, became known as the South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University. The dynamics of development has always been positive – from year to year, the teaching staff and the material and technical base have been strengthened.

The founder and first President of UKPO was Yunusov Bakhtiyar Saidovich (1954-2010 G. G.) – Professor, scholar, Arabist, corresponding member of the Academy of natural Sciences of Kazakhstan and the International Academy of pedagogical education of Russia, Honorary doctor of the University "Tanta" the Arab Republic of Egypt, "Honorary worker of education of Kazakhstan", the winner's medal. Ibray Altynsarin.

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