Research projects

The scientific data obtained during the project implementation were applied in modern conditions in medicine, perfumery, food industry and inventories of medicinal plants of the South Kazakhstan region were created to preserve the biodiversity of plant resources.


The target consumers are medicine and other industries that require the provision of a raw material base.

The scientific data within the framework of the Project gave breakthrough results in the development of agriculture and a new direction of biological science in the field of environmental organization management and ecosystem conservation.

The results of the work are disseminated among farmers and entrepreneurs, government agencies, scientific communities and the general public through publication in the open press, participation in international conferences, symposiums, forums, seminars and congresses, television appearances and introduction into production.


The decision of the National Tax Service on the basis of extract No. 2 to the minutes of the meeting No. 3 on priority No. 6 "Research in the field of education and science" of the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the International University Silkway Moldabek Kulakhmet on the topic "Formation of speech skills of students in the Kazakh language lessons in primary school through information technologies" was approved for the amount of 32,322,596 tenge in the competition for scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects for 2021-2023 (MES RK). (During implementation) 

During the implementation of the project, the scientific basis will be identified and methodological literature on the formation of correct speech skills and language culture of primary school children through information technologies will be analyzed. As well as the development of methods for the development of oral speech activity.

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